Off To A Fast Start!

On Tuesday August 30, the principal of Arrowhead School, Debra House, gave the teachers involved with the project, Dorothy Jett and Scott Romsos time from their pupil-free prep day to meet with me and get acquainted with the XOs. We had about 90 minutes at the end of the day, and since both were already quite tech-savvy, we were able to accomplish a lot in this short time.  Here is a quick look at what we covered:

The Basics

  •  Taking inventory (where to find the serial numbers
  •  Marking the XOs in places that are obvious and not so obvious
  •  Charging the XOs
  •  Opening the XOs
  •  Looking at all the ports, including the SD card slot
  •  Turning on and off
  •  Home View, Neighborhood View, and Friends View
  •  Connecting to the internet

Using The Settings Page

  •  Accessing the Settings page and what each icon does including but not limited to:
  •  Changing the Name and Colors
  •  Checking for serial number and software and firmware versions
  •  Switching to the Gnome desktop and back
  •  Updating Activities
  •  Updating software to new builds

Some of the Activities

  •  Help Activity… both on the XO and using the FLOSS manual on another computer
  •  Browse Activity
  •  Record Activity… tried it and discussed possible classroom applications
  •  Tam Tam Mini … tried a few things
  •  Measure Activity … tried a couple of things

Scott and Dorothy left with a good idea of how to use the XOs.  Since the first week or two of school is usually pretty frantic, they probably won’t get to use them with the students for a little while.  But, when they do, I will be available to assist in person when I am in Montana and via email and Skype when I am back in Southern California.  Scott Dowdle, President of the Bozeman Linux users group can probably also assist when needed.


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