This is the place to find resources made for the lessons done in our project.  There are links in the description where you can access copies of the resources for use with your students.

Getting Started on the XOs

This little lesson is intended to be used the first time students do anything on the XOs. Part of it comes before the actual lesson, and the rest comes at the end.  In effect this is the “bread” for the sandwich and the lesson using an Activity is the “meat.”

1) Opening and turning on.  Spend some time on this. Involve the students in figuring out how to open it. Explain about the antennae and ports. Suggest that if their fingers are small they need to be careful not to let the power button get stuck in its hole (only a problem on a few machines, but worth mentioning.

2) The home screen ( If time permits, talk about the parts of the Home screen.

3) Choosing an Activity: If time permits, talk a little about some of the Activities in the ring.  Have them find the one you will be using in your lesson and open it.

The “meat” of your lesson goes here.

When you have finished and closed the Activity for your first lesson and returned to the home screen, finish your “sandwhich.”

4) How to put the XO to sleep and turn it off. Explain the what the 3 closing screens mean. The screens flash by quickly so you may want copies to refer to.

Closing Screen 1 ( )… Sleeping, Waking, and turning off. Short explanation.   Closing Screen 2 ( ) … Shutdown starting   Closing Screen 3 ( ) …. Dos and Don’ts… discuss if you have time.

5) Checking to make sure the XO is really off… look for a slowly blinking power light as a sign the lid was closed too soon before shutdown was complete.  If it is, have them wake the machine up and repeat the shutdown process, making sure all lights (except the battery light) are off.

6) Closing and storing the XOs. Make sure the students close the XOs properly and have them help store them properly for the next user/lesson


First Tam Tam Mini Lesson and Resources

See blog post from Sept. 21, 2011 for a detailed description of the lesson.

1) Choosing the Tam Tam Mini Activity from the XO Home Screen ( )

2) What’s on the Tam Tam Mini MainScreen ( ) Discuss but don’t use the rhythm “box.” Save it for a later lesson. Concentrate on notes for the first few lessons.

3) Choosing an instrument

4) Finding notes on the XO Keyboard ( ). Optional… compare notes with those on a standard piano-type keyboard ( )

5) Our first song, “Mary Had A Little Lamb” ( )

6) Our second song, “Row, Row, Row Your Boat” ( )

7) Optional… if time, try it as a round

8 ) Closing the Tam Tam Mini Activity (Use the main screen image from steps 2 &3)



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