At the end of the last session with Scott and Dorothy last week I took home one of the XOs that was having keyboard problems.  It was a fairly early XO-1 when the problem of “sticky keys” had been fairly common, although not the “2” key which was stuck on this one.

After asking for help from the wonderful folks on the OLPC “Support Gang” (SG) it seemed the best solution was going to be to try the various fixes on the OLPC wiki at:


The keyboard test confirmed this was the problem, so I borrowed my husband’s size #1 Phillips screwdriver and got a muffin tin to hold the screws as they were removed (they come in different sizes).  All was going well until I ran into a stubborn connector. I gave up on unplugging it unaided, and gently grasped it with a pair of pliers.  It immediately shattered!

I thought maybe it could be repaired with a thread and glue wrapping similar to that used in tying artificial flies for fishing. When I posted my problem to the SG mailing list, I was encouraged by the news that this problem was not unusual and that connectors could break even when held between fingernails. One member suggested something similar to my idea, but using flat dental floss tape which would be even stronger.

All of this sounded like a great idea, but another member offered the ultimate fix: if I simply bag up all the parts and bring it with me to the OLPC SF Community Summit meeting at San Francisco State University at the end of October ( http://olpcsf.org/summit ), he will bring some spare parts and help me fix it there. I can then send it back to the folks here in Montana.  Sounds like a plan!


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